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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our think-tank based in Warsaw is a Polish independent centre for analysis, research and education supporting the social modernization and regional dialogue in Central and Northern Europe.

We are especially interested in the exchange of best practices in public policies and international activity between Poland and five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The mission of our Foundation is to help to extend and disseminate knowledge about the specificities of the Nordic model of development, its latest innovative achievements and its recalibration in the face of contemporary challenges.

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Professor Dr. Włodzimierz Anioł
Scientific Foundation NORDEN CENTRUM

Sylwia Daniłowska, Duńskie państwo dobrobytu a koncepcja flexicurity [Danish welfare state and the concept of flexicurity], Aspra-Jr, Warszawa 2016.
Analyse of the impact of the concept of flexible security (flexicurity) and its implementation on the Danish welfare state. The main subject is the implementation of various components of the flexicurity strategy: flexible labour market, active labour market policy, life-long learning and modern social security system.

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