Circular economy in Poland, Germany and Scandinavian countries (2017-2020)

Circular economy in Poland, Germany and Scandinavian countries (2017-2020)

Project description:

The aim of the project is to analyze and discuss the various dimensions of implementation of the circular economy models in Poland, Germany and Scandinavian countries, as part of their reforms towards energy transition.

One of the aspects of this project is also transfer of knowledge and good practices between countries, companies and public administration about the effectiveness of circular economy solutions in particular sectors of economic activity.

Activities (2017):

  • Marcin Fronia became member of the Circular Economy Group of External Experts at the Ministry of Development, working on the Road Map towards Polish business model of circular economy.
  • Marcin Fronia presentation „Circular economy: a new direction for economic independence and responsible development?”, during 25th Anniversary of BASF in Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw.

Activities (2018)

  • Group of experts created a popular science blog Obieg zamknięty, focused on interdisciplinary aspects of scientific analyzes of circular economy from the perspective of economy, law, geography and sociology. Marcin Fronia became a member of this initiative.